August 3, 2023

Lakes Region Community College’s second annual Gateway to College program was a resounding success, bringing together incoming first-year students for a transformative week of learning and fun.

During the week-long residential program, students lived in 澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址 apartments and engaged in accelerated English and Math courses, along with a College Essentials class. The goal of Gateway was to support vulnerable students by providing them with a strong academic foundation, a safety net of resources, and a vibrant social community.

One of the program’s highlights was the ALEKS Math Placement Exam, which resulted in an impressive 6-point average increase for the students. Many participants who struggled with this subject saw significant improvements, allowing them to cross the threshold into college-level math. Thanks to stellar instructor Katie Seigle, the class was interactive and supportive, boosting students’ confidence and making them proud of their progress.

Likewise, students experienced remarkable growth in their critical reading and writing abilities. With the help of instructor, Kristin LeComte, they tackled complex topics in critical analysis essays and showed an average improvement of 6 points in the final assessments. Some students even achieved outstanding improvements, with one student increasing their score by an impressive 29 points.

As a reward for their hard work, each student received a $500 scholarship to support their 澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址 education and earned one college credit for completing the accelerated College Essentials course. This course equipped them with valuable self-advocacy and self-discipline skills, such as time management, budgeting, note-taking, and professional communication. The career presentations during the course were particularly engaging, with students sharing their passions and interests.

The impact of Gateway extended beyond academics. Students also had the opportunity to explore campus resources, experience campus housing, and venture into the city of Laconia. Along the way, they formed strong bonds and friendships, with two even convincing the class that they were, in fact, cousins. Others decided to live together in campus housing in the upcoming semester.

Overall, the Gateway to College program at Lakes Region Community College was a resounding success, providing students with an experience that enhanced their academic abilities, self-confidence, and social connections. The program’s positive impact will undoubtedly resonate throughout their college journeys and beyond.