What is work study?

The Higher Education Amendments of 1992, authorized the Work-Study Program. The program recognizes, encourages and promotes the use of comprehensive work-learning programs as a valuable educational approach when used as an integral part of the school’s educational program and as part of a financial plan that decreases reliance on grants and loans.

The federal work study program provides jobs for students who have demonstrated financial need by filing the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). College Work-Study Program encourages the part-time employment of undergraduate students who need the income to help pay for their cost of education and encourages FWS recipients to participate in community service activities. To be eligible for a Federal Work-Study job, a student must meet all eligibility requirements. In addition, a student must have financial need.

Federal awards are listed on your award notification letter. The work study program is designed to help eligible students meet the costs of obtaining a higher education. The program encourages work related to the student’s course of student and community service work. It is a wonderful opportunity for qualified students to work part-time in an educational environment while taking classes.

Earnings from the federal work study program, although taxable, are excluded from the student’s income for purposes of applying for financial aid for the next year (Worksheet C of the FAFSA).

Why work on campus?

    Research shows that students who work while attending college generally have:
  • higher grades
  • graduate faster
  • find jobs more easily after graduation
    Work study also helps students make connections that will get them through to graduation in a more successful and positive manner.

As a student worker, you can gain experience in your field of study at 澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址 or in other areas of personal interest. Hiring departments understand that education is the top priority and are flexible in working around student schedules. For these reasons, as well as the financial benefits, we encourage students to consider employment as an option.

Earnings are paid directly to the student and will NOT be applied to your bill. Student workers are paid by the hour and paychecks are distributed on a bi-weekly schedule. A basic award is $600 with students earning these funds at hourly rate of $8—$9 per hour. The award amount may be increase as the year goes on and funding allows.

All students who work on campus are required to complete the I-9 and W-4 forms. These documents will be requested by the financial aid office upon assignment to a department. The forms are also available on the College website “click” here for access for you to print the form.

Once the supervisor agrees to hire a work-study student, the FAO will confirm the position with an “Assignment Form” which needs to be completed by both parties.

Students are enrolled in a bi-weekly payroll system through the State of NH. Timesheets are due every other Thursday as specified by the payroll period schedule.

Finding a job on campus

It is the student’s responsibility to contact department supervisors to secure a job placement. We suggest you look over the list below for a placement that may coincide with your past experiences and/or future objectives. We strongly suggest that you make contact prior to the first week of school. This would allow you to begin earning wages immediately at the start of the term. The best impression is a friendly, in-person visit. Keep in mind that if you are hired, you have a responsibility to your employer.

    Employment tips:
  • Start your job search by mid to late August.
  • Check with a department within your major when possible.
  • Bring a copy of your class schedule – make a note if you expect changes in your class times.